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"Delegation failiure and delegation phobia are common and we need to work on that for sure. LEaders usually have that symptom unfortunately. I have learned through reflecting on my leadership traits throughout this course that I have to let it go and…"
"I would like to take this to a different perspective actually as it seems interesting but my context is different. In my organization the team is coherent and it is a small one; however, we share the mission with other organizations in the city or p…"
"Very interesting story and I like the conclusion of the shared vision and the will."
"I have been thiking about these two questions since I first saw this post last week and got a lot of reflections. I tried to remember each of our inner conflicts and imagining that on social media even if they dont look like the kitten above at all.…"
"That is very inspiring. A touching experience indeed... I am speechless, but I think now that there is no one who is allowed to sit and accept certain crcumstances. We all can change the present to a brighter future."
"Delegating authority and responsibilities is not easy at all. We are all control freaks one way or another. Some leaders do not only see the "what" to be achieved, but also the "how" an they are afraid of any new ways. Some others are afraid of trus…"
"Trust is a gift indeed. You don't receive it at the very first beginning. People need to test you and see what you do and how you behave in difficulties and how you solve problems. They want to check your accountability and credibility. I had someon…"
"I agree that people don't trust a leader who does not trust him/herself. Sharing your successes and marketing your profession and leadership is not a bad thing as some people think or accuse others. When  you watch an Ad and it compares the product…"
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  • Leadership Mishaps - Not Just Child's Play

      Summer time is in full swing at our house, and I’ve enjoyed the extra time with my kids. Some of my favorite moments so far include roasting marshmallows over a campfire with family, throwing the football at the park with my son and other children who were drawn in at the…

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    The LTrek Summit offers free resources.  Click on the link below to find free delegation checklists, assessments, etc. 


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  • When the "Honeymoon" Ends

    Soon after teams form, conflict erupts. The team's “honeymoon” phase ends and the “storming” phase begins. Team members often feel discouragement and frustration. Some members blame the leader when this is an inevitable stage that a developing team must go through.

    What should you do when you reach this “storming” phase? Remain calm and encouraging. If you become angry and lose control, matters are sure to get worse. Instead, increase communication between team members. Remind…

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