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  • Team Compass: LTrek Summit Expectations


    Welcome to the LTrek Summit, our leadership development community! The purpose of the LTrek Summit is to increase positive communication among and between members regarding virtuous leadership practices and leadership development.  We hope that you will take advantage of the opportunity to interact with us and others at the LTrek Summit, as a way to grow and to develop personally. 


    The LTrek Summit is a place where you can gain perspective and share perspective.  Our leadership development community is a supportive community of individuals who seek to set personal goals and to reach them. We believe that leadership development is a life long journey, or "trek."  All of us can grow and develop.  Together we can conquer mountains! 


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What does it feel like to be paralyzed?  Every once in a while, I ask myself this question.  And when I really try to put myself in that situation, I feel my chest tighten in a panic.  I have to stop this exercise in empathy, because it’s just too h…
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