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"Dear Riley:
Thank you very much for sharing your inspirational journey with us. I agree that the greatest obstacles are inside of us and usually our greatest internal challenge is pride.
As leaders it is critical that we change our focus  to accompl…"
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"Thanks Rachel for such an interesting and interactive session last week. Special 'shout-out'  to the IRI Country Manager in Georgetown, Guyana for bringing much needed  voter education to the youths and women in Guyana in this election period."
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    The LTrek Summit offers free resources.  Click on the link below to find free delegation checklists, assessments, etc. 


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  • There are many benefits to living an intentional life, to creating a mission statement and then living by it.  This week in my classes at the university, I spent a lot of time teaching about the power of mission and how to write one.  It is such an important lesson for people of all ages these days because we live in a time when we are bombarded with information and opportunities.  I've noticed that my students are already feeling spread too thin with…

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  • When the "Honeymoon" Ends

    Soon after teams form, conflict erupts. The team's “honeymoon” phase ends and the “storming” phase begins. Team members often feel discouragement and frustration. Some members blame the leader when this is an inevitable stage that a developing team must go through.

    What should you do when you reach this “storming” phase? Remain calm and encouraging. If you become angry and lose control, matters are sure to get worse. Instead, increase communication between team members. Remind…

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  • Be Like a Great Pair of Glasses

    As a leader, you can be like a great pair of glasses.  You can help new and experienced people in your organization SEE how their specific work is linked to a greater shared mission. In other words, make sure each person understands how his or her role is linked back to an objective of the organization. Keep your organization’s mission in front of them.

       What is your organization’s mission?

       Is it shared openly and…

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